Octopus Black Case (Samsung)

Octopus Black Case (Samsung)


The octopus is known in Hawaii as tako (Japanese) or he'e (Hawaiian). 

Like many other water creatures, the Hawaiians consider the he'e to be good luck. 

Spiritually they represent flexability, great intelligence, and the mystical.

Hawaii has two common species of octopus: the small brown and tan "day octopus", or "he'e mauli", spends his days on the reefs while the resty-red, white spotted "night octopus", or "he'e-makoko" comes out only at night.

The case is made from North American cherry wood and durable TPU rubber. The light color and simple grain of the wood, allows the artwork to stand out. Each case has a unique wood grain pattern making it one-of-a-kind. The wood is carefully hand sanded before engraving, giving it a beautiful, smooth finish. Before the engraving process the wood is hand painted with a black finish, creating a beautiful contrast with the artwork.

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