Hibiscus Ring Phone Holder

Hibiscus Ring Phone Holder


Hawaii has 7 species of native hibiscus.  Commonly grown as ornamental plants, their flowers are often seen on “Aloha shirts”. The yellow hibiscus, or Pua Aloalo, is the Hawaiian State Flower.

The center of the ring is made from North American cherry wood. The light color and simple grain of the wood, allows the artwork to stand out. Each case has a unique wood grain pattern making it one-of-a-kind. The wood is carefully hand sanded before engraving, giving it a beautiful, smooth finish. 

Exterior: Diameter: 1.38" | 35mm   Depth: 0.13" | 3mm
Interior:  Diameter: 1.06" | 27mm   Depth: 0.13" | 3mm

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